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Players actuate “areas” based on visual sequenced instructions that direct them to predetermined positions. The instructions consist of one rotating image that spins counter clockwise and must be actuated upon reaching the vertical position. Actuation can be the tap of a finger, or the physical relocation in an exergaming application. These instruction visuals also provide a user with Real-time feedback and evaluation towards reaction accuracy. (Placement + Timing) When music is used, game play is enhanced and provides a cognitive and competitive user experience.


ReRave® was initially developed for Apple iOS™ compliant devices in 2011 and is now also available as an arcade amusement device. ReRave’s “cloud” concept connects a variety of software configurations and controller devices developed exlusively by the Step Revolution team. Users interact, track progress and partake in a competitive community among other ReRave users worldwide.

Meet the team


Creator / Director / Producer
Camas WA, USA

Kyle is the visionary and fearless leader behind ReRave. He works with the staff to ensure quality while providing content, music licensing and budget for all daily operations. He is the heart and life support for the entire project. Kyle has over a decade of production experience and has worked with numerous reaction-based entertainment titles such as: In the Groove, Pump It Up Pro and iDANCE2.


Lead Programmer
Seattle WA, USA

ZZ has been developing games for many years and has led the engineering efforts for ReRave since the original concept. When fueled solely on caffeine, some say he is able to do the job of 20 men. He has always been an avid gamer, a long time fan of electronic dance music, and loves seeing art and technology come together in the form of interactive experiences.


Brussels, Belgium

Sven is an indie game developer from Belgium. Mostly focusing on iOS games with a large repertoire of releases. He also focuses web development. Besides being a programmer, He is also a hobbyist musician - makes weird electronic music, and plays bass.


Zürich, Switzerland

Marc is a developer focused at creating modern user experience oriented solutions. His desire to create new experiences lead him to the mobile space in its birth days and leads his current personal R&D projects with VR and AR, striving to achieve new intuitive experiences for all ages.


Mexico City, Mexico

Jorge enjoys pushing the boundaries with every project he is involved with. He has strong passion for Unity3d and creating video games or computer animation sequences. Jorge strives to expand his portfolio by constantly connecting with people from all around the world. Technology & technique continue to be his best ally.


Kersey PA, USA

Jason enjoys dabbling around with different video game projects, and making shiny things in Photoshop. He has a vast knowledge of game development from his own independent game projects as well as: iDANCE, Pump It Up Pro 2 and the fan-made resurrection of In The Groove 3.


Halifax, United Kingdom

Jonny is a freelance designer working with Canadian based Ironbelly studios. His specialties include User Interface Design and vast development experience working with Scaleform, NGUI, Flash, C#, Actionscript 3, HTML & CSS experience.


Embedded Systems & Development
Bamenda, Cameroon

Dzouato is a self taught software developer with 5 years of experience in the industry. Dzouato has worked on a wide variety of projects, from native windows and Linux applications to mobile applications on the Android platforms. His weapon of choice is C++ , and he enjoys developing native applications mostly. In his spare time he enjoys reading , instrumental music and long walks.

Julie Berry

London, United Kingdom

Julie Berry has been one of the best-loved voices in London for over 20 years. Apart from a tremendous range of styles and characters, her voice has a natural warmth and authority, which has always been very popular with the major advertisers. She was the original voice model for BT's Directory Inquiries and is still the voice of the Piccadilly line for London Underground.


Juarez, Mexico

Victor is the mastermind behind our online presence. He often finds a way to take great projects to the next level! Victor enjoys developing videogames while displaying expertise of a prominent web and mobile developer. He is always searching for new tools and techniques to play with.